It’s November and fall is almost over, you must have put away those Halloween decorations and are starting to think about Christmas. One thing is for sure – the weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the snow is about to fly.

As winter approaches, you might wonder how one plans a winter wedding without concentrating too much on the cold, possible snow storm and or guest that may not be able to travel. Edmonton is well known for the weather to be unpredictable and there is nothing we can do about it, so how about we don’t concentrate on that at all! A winter wedding can be as beautiful and elegant as any other season. Depending on the couple and how adventurous they want to be, the backdrop of winter can create amazing photo opportunities.


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Some saving tips for choosing your wedding flowers is always try to pick what is in season. Some of my favorites ~The Gerbera because you have so many colors to choose from ~ The Orchid is very versatile for décor and long-lasting ~ The Phlox colors are wonderful and their scent captivating ~ The Protea flower is very exotic looking ~ The Statice is it an herb or is it a flower? It very much resembles lavender in its purple form. With winter weddings, try to think outside the box. You can pair any of these beautiful flowers with Evergreens, Pepper berry or acorn to create a fuller more dramatic wedding bouquet.






It might be cold outside but have your guest walk into a beautiful venue lite up by candle light making it warm and inviting. Have a DIY hot chocolate station for a warm drinks plus no one can deny hot chocolate and marshmallows. Consider adding mini donuts as a treat or a basket of slippers for them to relax and enjoy the evening in. Incorporate a warm and cool signature drink for your guest to enjoy at the bar.  






From glitzy with lots of sparkles and twinkly lights to soft and romantic, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. While summer brides worry about sweating off their make up or over heating in their gown, you can cozy up with a great wrap or cute sweater and skip the heels for some comfy warm boots. Winter wedding can be magical and dreamy with its snowy white backdrops. Embrace the cozy and the warm heartfelt moment that will be created.


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The color palette is endless with a winter wedding and so are the themes. You don’t have to reflect reds and greens and have your wedding seem more like a holiday. Consider a softer approach with a color palette of silver, white, jade with crystal accents. Keep your winter wedding warm and rustic with caramel, gray and ivory. Bring the outside in with evergreen, branches or acorns spray painted in gold. Regardless of your style and preference don’t be afraid to have a winter wedding.


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There are many more pros than cons to a winter wedding.  Let Lighthouse Wedding be a part of your magical day and know that we will guide you to and through a fabulous memorable day.