If you’re simply beginning to plan your wedding, then it’s worth keeping this post in mind as you develop and settle your plans. And if your big day is around the corner, then hopefully it’ll reassert the plans you already have in place.

Whatever style or size you’re coming up with, these ingredients stay constant. They must be the basis for everything, the foundations to a rock solid wedding day and therefore the things that you just simply shouldn’t ignore. Whether or not you’re going for an easygoing, rustic wedding or choosing a classically elegant affair, these fundamentals still apply. So, if you’re aiming for a successful day, keep these key elements in mind.

A Well-Thought Out and Organized Wedding Day Schedule

Amongst the thrill of selecting your gown, booking your honeymoon and attending your menu tasting, talking about schedules is probably the least appealing topic. Your wedding day schedule is one of the most essential elements that you should not overlook.

A rigorously planned and well thought out schedule can give you the opportunity to notice whether something remains unfinished, that nothing is forgotten and can make certain, in advance, that your party and vendors are well aware of the who’s, what’s and where’s to your wedding day. If everybody is aware of the schedule and plan, then nobody should be asking you of any last-minute questions that could add pressure and stress on your big day.

A very important tip would be to start creating your schedule at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding, as this may provide you with plenty of time to gather all of the necessary information needed, consult with your vendors for their recommendation on timings and answer or resolve any questions and concerns which will arise.





When putting together your schedule, make sure that you have a “we time” for just the two of you and allow ample time for your guests so you and your guests won’t feel hurried. In addition, don’t linger too long over every aspect of your day, as you don’t want guests to be bored and lose their enthusiasm. A well-organized schedule should keep your day flowing.

However much time you place into your schedule, its effectiveness hugely relies whether you and your vendors use and follow it. Therefore, distribute copies ahead and have some spares lying around so you’ll be able to refer to it if you need to.

That said, accept that some parts of your day might not happen as planned and keep in mind that you don’t have to run your day with a timer and a clipboard in hand. The speeches would possibly over-run and your initial dance won’t occur on the dot. But as long as everything still happens and you and your guests are having a happy time, then that’s what actually matters.


A Weather Contingency

The weather can be unpredictable and difficult to manage at times. However, only you can determine the outcome and its effect on the success of your day.

Your wedding day can still achieve success even it if it’s blistering hot, cold, too wet or too windy IF you’ve taken the time to speak to your vendors, you’ve involved a Plan B (and even a Plan C) and you create a conscious effort to just “go with the flow”.

Remember that the weather won’t ruin your day unless you let it.


Say Thanks

Gratitude and manners never fall out of fashion. So, you’ve got to take the time to say hi and thank your guests for coming. Do that in person instead of just greeting everyone in their march through a receiving line and hoping that would be enough. You must care about every each of them enough to take a few minutes of a little conversation.


Delegation is Important

When delegating roles and responsibilities, try not to assign everything onto one person. Instead, take into consideration people’s existing commitments and from there, you can split out the roles in line with their strengths.

You would also need to run through roles and responsibilities with everyone ahead of time to prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts later down the road.





Simplicity is best





In numerous ways and reasons, this can be ultimately the simplest ingredient for wedding day success. Attempting to over complicate things and incorporate everything that you’ve read online or seen on Pinterest can be very confusing. Jam-packing your day with too many several things merely increases your stress and the probabilities of issues arising. Try to refine your ideas to what really matters to you and keep only the simplest ones for your day. Allow the both of you and your guests to have time to appreciate and cherish each moment for what its – your special wedding day.

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