This amazing lady is new a mom, great friend, and talented in front and behind the camera. I first met her through a picture. I know, it sounds really weird! She was the model on a concept shoot and I totally swooned over her head piece and how beautiful she was. She then popped up again but this time, it wasn’t a concept shoot, she wasn’t the model, she was THE bride. Needless to say, I fell in love with those images as well. When I found out she also worked behind the camera, I instantly wanted to work with her. I made it a goal and put it on my bucket list of photographers I wanted to work with.


Just For You Photography


Who am I talking about? Melanie of Melanie Bennett Photography.




Her inner beauty radiates, her laughter is contagious and it all shine through in her outer beauty. The saying that big things come in small package is totally true. Before making her home in Drayton Valley, I had the pleasure of working with her on Brigitte and Tim’s wedding. She is simply a joy to be around and it was an honor to see her at work and in her element. I think it’s very important that a couple gets to know their photographer and a good way to do that is during the engagement session. You will find Melanie easy to talk to, down to earth and you’ll feel right at ease being around her. Her style is very laid back, but she also knows the shot she want to get. Melanie’s keen eye and attention to details is what is going to get you your picture that you will be swooning over for years to come. She will fix your hair, guide you with your body language, and make sure your clothes are sitting right all with a smile on her face regardless of the situation or weather.






This wonderful woman is a mom to 4 fur babies and her Facebook post often have me laughing out loud. I believe patience is a trait she has mastered. Not only is she an amazing wife, beautiful friend, but has now been blessed with a gorgeous child of her own. It’s been a pleasure to see her grow in her art and her openness to share her not so good moment along with her many successes. Melanie is an old soul, she cares about the environment, her family’s health, and cherishes her friendships. Most of all, I know you are in good hands when you pick her to be your photographer. You’ll know that she also cares about you and your day. Her creativity and eagerness to want the best will result in breathtaking pictures.

Melanie Bennett Photography specializes in lifestyle photography and weddings. What I like about her editing style (and I’m no professional when it comes to editing lingo) is that her pictures are soft, she captures the moment, her couples oozes love through the pictures, and her baby shots warm your heart.







As talented as she is, it doesn’t surprise me all the publications she’s been featured in. Here are a few links just to name a few:

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You can find this talented lady on:

Melanie Bennett Photography

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