We Guide You To Your Dream Wedding

Lighthouse does not really make one think wedding. I beg to differ.

A Lighthouse represents a tall structure that stands at the highest point of land that is closest to the sea. It notifies sailors that land is near and warns them of any possible dangers. The Lighthouse is also a comforting sign that the calm waters of a welcoming harbour are close at hand.

How does that relate to luxury wedding planning?

Any bride who has planned her own wedding will tell you there is a lot to do. Many notes and to do lists will be revised and re-written. Stress, frustration, tears and many laughs can happen in the process. Lighthouse is here to guide you through the process. From the time you say “Yes” to the time you say, “I Do!” Lighthouse Weddings will help you with the planning, design, décor and keep you on budget. Lighthouse Weddings will always be the comforting hand you need to get you to and through your special day.

What sets us apart?

The eagerness to learn and openness to try new things. I don’t believe in setting the next best trend but believe that every wedding should follow its own trend. I specialize in creative do it yourself projects, cost saving ideas, theme and design. Each couple is unique and special, I listen to their needs and wants and incorporate and execute everything on the day. Paying close attention to every detail and being organized is something that all our couples can find comfort with. No wedding is too small or too big, but every wedding is different. My favorite part is the end of the night, not because it’s over, but when I put my Bride and Groom into the car and they say thank you….. It was all worth it. After being part of many weddings in Edmonton, I still cry. I remember my own day and the amazing memories I have. 

Why Lighthouse?

Five years ago, I sat at my kitchen table trying to figure out a catchy name. My husband came around the corner and kissed my forehead and said, “You’ll figure it out, think of something that means something to YOU.” So, I looked around… I saw my son, a wonderful man I call my husband and on every wall of our home are pictures of lighthouses. We had an amazing wedding, but we have an even more beautiful marriage. Through stormy waters and rough nights, we stand tall, on a solid foundation, guided by our light and withstanding the test of time. Myself and my team wish all past and future couples a beautiful wedding day and marriage. Lighthouse Weddings would be honored to be a part of your day. Let us guide you to your day.


Happy Planning. Happy Wedding!

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