I’ve known Jesse since she was just a little girl, her mom is my best friend. When I found out she got engaged I was so happy for her. As a family member I didn’t want to stick my noise where it didn’t belong and it was really hard for me to wait for her to come ask me for help BUT when she did we made magic happen.

I loved how she knew what she wanted and the wedding was definitely a reflection of who she is and who they are as a couple. The Yellowhead Brewery was the perfect place that brought all the special people in their lives together and a great place to party. They decided to do a later ceremony and have the time to take family and bridal pictures beforehand. Chris had to be convenient to do a first look but the picture says it all when he sees his bride for the first time.

The evening was wonderful with butler style appetizer and champagne to celebrate, great music by the band and a late lunch that consist of cheesy yummy serve it yourself poutine . We had rapping and singing as speeches, a lot of laughs and a few tears. I couldn’t believe that the bride and groom were truly the last people I put into a cab. Sitting on the steps with them at the end of the night listening to how much fun they had really warmed my heart.

And the personal joke of the evening “ I love you babe”

Decor and Coordination – Lighthouse Wedding Coordinator
Venue – Ceremony and Reception  Yellowhead Brewery
Flowers – Wonderful Weddings 
Cake and dessert table – The Sweet Side
Photographer – Just Married Photography
Beauty – Glitz Spray Tanning
Band – Yellowhead Music & DJ Service