Last year I got the pleasure of working with Joanne Hobbs of Joanne Hobbs Photography on an amazing photo shoot. It was the first time my mother and I put our creative minds together.  We wanted the concept to be rustic with an Italian feel. Hence all the bottles of wine. The night before and day of was spent preparing the food that was inspired by all my findings on Pinterest. There was lots of cheese, bread, fruit and even seafood.

I have to admit that the best part about the shoot was getting to eat all this delicious food.

Here we were hanging out in someone’s backyard and there IT was, a unique fire pit speaking to me. I knew I had to use it as a prop somehow. I had brought tones of flowers with me, lots of candles and all I could think about was snuggling up with my loved one, glass of wine in hand and a beautiful fire keeping us warm.

The models where great, a true couple in love. I think we may have freaked him out a little, seeing his girlfriend in a wedding dress and the whole wedding vibe might have made him a little nervous, but after a few kisses and some laughs they both did great.

I had the pleasure of once again working with Christine from Stagecoach Design and Event Rentals.

Beautiful flower created by me, Natalie with Lighthouse Wedding Coordinator. I think I did a good job!

I love creating this concept with my mom. We had an idea of how and what we wanted but we didn’t really have a plan. I love creating and making things happen. This is something that I was very proud of and I’m not so happy to be able to share it with you. Cheers and happy planning.